Selected interviews & reporting:

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What It’s Like to be Rihanna’s Personal Chef for Healthyish

Francesca Lia Block is So Much More Than Weetzie Bat for LitHub

Changing Culture Through Agriculture for Lucky Peach, originally featured in their November 2016 print issue [no longer available online]

A profile of actress Sofia Boutella, originally featured as the cover story in Malbu Magazine’s May 2017 print issue


The Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory That She is Secretly Gay for Broadly

The Guy Who Wrote Everything is F*cked Actually Thinks Life is Pretty Great for Buzzfeed

The New Age of Astrology for Buzzfeed

Inside Hello Kitty’s Rise to Food Superstardom for Eater

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Why the Cast of Vanderpump Rules Will Sell You Anything for The Goods

Interview with Jane Marie about The Dream and MLMs for The Goods

John Green Author Guide for Google Play Books

Interview with Kate Hart for Google Play Books

Interview with Lauren Elkin for Google Play Books

How Richard Branson’s Interior Designer Does Travel for GQ

Interview with Adrian Shirk for The Hairpin

Inside the Mad-Science World of a Professional Fermentation Chef for Healthyish

Dominique Fishback for Healthyish

Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins on What it Means to Open a Matriarchal Restaurant for Healthyish

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The LA Skater Sisters Who Take Their Ashwaghanda With a Side of Bacon and Eggs for Healthyish

Pandora Jewelry is Back for InStyle

On Camp Food for The Jewish Journal

Summer Camp Love for The Jewish Journal

Also at the Journal: a bunch of restaurant reviews, two profiles of rich men, and more

Iconic Cheetah’s Dancer Malice is Launching a Clothing Line for LA Weekly

The Best Non-Coffee Drinks at Coffee Shops for LA Weekly

The new APL restaurant in Hollywood fulfills a dream: helping bring deaf chefs into the kitchen for The LA Times

This Navy vet turned fishmonger is smoking and curing some of LA’s Best Sustainable Seafood for The LA Times

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How Patina Teamed With Formerly Incarcerated Cooks to Prepare Food for the Emmys for The LA Times

One Chef’s Journey From Addiction to Fine Dining to the Teaching Kitchen for The LA Times

Meet the Writer Who Chased Eve Babitz All Over Los Angeles for LitHub

“I’m Incredulous That People Do This Repeatedly. The Second Book Thing is So Real:” Interview with Mary HK Choi for Longreads

A Manson Murder Investigation Twenty Years in the Making: ‘There Are Still Secrets’ for Longreads

Every Woman Writer Feels Like She’s Starting Over Again Without Any Guides: Interview with Ann Leckie for Longreads

This LA Chef Partnered With a Local Farmer for the Best Szechuan Peppercorns for Modern Farmer

Flour Power for Modern Farmer

Restoring the Urban Sea by Farming It for National Geographic

Wes Bentley Rides to Yellowstone, Armed With New Strength for Playboy

Joe Manganiello Isn’t Just the Guy Who Takes His Clothes Off for Playboy

Madeline Brewer, Handmaid’s Tale Star, Just Wants You to Be Okay for Playboy

The Ethics (& Economics) of Freebies for Pressland

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Our Jeans Are Ruining The Planet, But This Company Wants to Fix That for Racked

Inside the Oscar’s Makeup and Hairstyling Awards Bakeoff for Racked

Yes, It’s Okay to Care About What You Wear to Vote for Racked

Beyond Slender Man: When Teens Use the Internet for Evil for Rolling Stone

The Sustainable Clothing Brand With a Crowdsourced Spirit for soft—space

Interview: Karla Welch for The Sunday Times 

LA’s Best Breakfast Restaurants for TimeOut LA

various reporting on the global finals of the WeWork Creator Awards

Female Founders Find a Home in Los Angeles for WeWork